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The SOLAR-ACTIVE solar cars/boats used  in the Engineering A Better World Solar Detectives Case Study are  recommended by  QCDA on the National Currculum KS3/4 home page. The Inspired Engineering Curriculum Case Study states that in using these resources and educational method pupils have been helped to transfer knowledge and skills between different subject areas Рproviding the opportunity for x-currcular schemes for work.

Visit for information on resources [i.e. solar car/boat, lorry, mini-water pump, hydro-foil and clock] – using our unique flexible solar cell that has significant output under diffuse light conditions.

Minsthorpe Community College used the resources to make learning and teaching enjoyable, foster enthusiasm and raise attainment in developing problem solving skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

NEW: Solar Boat Challenge Report – Heron Way


Is our future Nuclear Free or Nuclear? РDebate was a success with some 80 people attending.   The audio of the debate  is here:

The debate powerpoint presentations can be found on


Schools & Homes Energy Education Project/Solar-Active is looking for Trustees/Directors Рan opportunity for you to use your skills and knowledge to shape our current and future work. Be part of providing high quality information and training about energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies and sustainable living to the general public and professionals [e.g. teachers, architects and Local Authority officers]. CONTACT:- 0114 2587639 or

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